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Candle Lighter Prologue
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Seto/Jou fic.

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A Candle Lighter

Prologue .... 7 years before....

Jou's pov.

Everything in my life for once seemed to be perfect. I had great friends and a boyfriend.Everything seemed nice except my family life. My mother moved away so I couldn't see serenity anymore. My father still beat me but I am hardly home anymore. Most of the time I am at Seto's. Haha, a year ago we got together and at first it seemed like a mistake but now it's really nice. Otogi and Serenity had set them up well Mokuba did help but just by telling them somethings. Now back to things right now. Tommorrow is christmas, my first one with Seto, and I am excited. It was hard getting him something. He was rich, he could buy anything for himself. So, I made him something. I carved a small pendent of two dragons incircling one another and placed it on a necklace. I colored it a nice silver. I am excited if he will like it. Usually, I hate holiday seasons because I have no one really to spend it with. My dad goes and hangs out at the bar all day and I am stuck alone. Not this year though. This year things would be oh' so much happier for me.

little did I know how much I was wrong...

"Mutt, get up" I groaned as someone slapped me check. I ignored it and turned to my side, then another slap came and someone pulled on my hair hard. I opened my eyes and growled "HEY!". I looked around dazed at Seto. Seto was leaning against a blossum tree and I had laid on his chest as he read a book to me. Must have fallen asleep.

"I'm not a pillow. Are you going to listen or sleep?"

"One. Your a nice pillow and two. I want to sleep." I remarked lying my head back down but Seto just hit my head hard with the book. I groaned and held my head. "Why are you so mean to me?"

"why can't you listen?" he said. He lifted himself off and I fell to the ground. "UH! your not being nice." I said. He laughed and told me to shut up. I stood up and glarred at him for a second then moved in and gave him a peck on the lips. "I can never stay mad at you" I say. He laughs as if he didn't belive me. "Come on, Mutt. I have to get to work."

"REALLY! But tomorrow is christmas! How can you work on christmas eve!" I say surprised.

"I always do" Seto said walking towards his car. I follow him "But, no one works on christmas if they don't have too." I said. I felt a little awakerd. Why didn't I think he would work on christmas. I though I knew him in and out. He still has surprises.

"I work because it is needed. I am taking tomorrow off." Seto replied.

"Well, thats good." I said, " I have a big surprise for you tomorrow" I smile. Seto stops and looks at me funny "I do too" he says in a cold tone. I felt a shiver go up my back. This doesn't sound good. I smile still "Really? I can't wait"

-Now, I wish that day never came.

*seto pov.*

I walked into my office. Just as I laid my brief case down I felt a hand wrap around me. I turned and met Alice. She stood up and gave me a quick kiss and I returned it. "Hey, darling" she smiled. I smiled back "Hey."

"Did you tell him yet?"

"NO. I am telling him tomorrow" I said. She smiled wider. "Good, I am tired of living in secret. Tomorrow, we can finally be together."

"Yes." I said. We kissed again. Sorry, puppy... you just weren't the right one for me.

-christmas day-

Jou kept jumping around smiling. He seemed excited. I didn't feel bad thought what was to come. I had expected it sometime. Him and I were so different. It was fun at first but then I just grew tired of him. I watched as he and Mokuba laughed and talked. I didn't know when I should tell him. I didn't want to tell him infront of Mokuba. Mokuba wouldn't understand. We opened presents together. Jou gave me a necklace. He said he made it, i doubted it. It was to crafted to be made by Jou. I thanked him anywayz and placed it around my neck. He asked if I got him a present. I told him I would give it to him later. After Mokuba went to bed,I lead Jou to the balcony. It was snowing. Jou had a big smile on his face expecting a sweet surprise which would actually be bitter.


"Yes, Seto!" Jou smiled.

"I'm braking up with you."


"I said 'I'm breaking up with you'. I found someone else who suited me better. I've seen her for a couple months now."

"I ... don't understand"

"I'm finished with you. We're through. It's ended. I'm not interested. Do you get it now?"

" ....her?" He looked down, he looked so confused.

"Yes. I told her I would dump you tonight" I smiled at him. He winced and looked down at the snow. "So, what the hell was this whole thing we had? You bastard" He looked angry and yet he had tears running down his cheeks.

"A fling? whatever you want to call it." I said.

"I cannot believe you! I thought you loved me."

"I don't. I never did"

"I damn well did though!" Jou whispered. He turned away and walked back inside slamming the door.

that was the last time i saw him untill .....

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