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Candle Lighter Prologue 2sd Part

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Prologue 2sd Part

YES! I got some reviews! I am glad you liked it!! okay in this chapter some cops are gonna be assholes! So to any cops {if there is any} who reads this..i dont mean to offend you!!! dont take it personally!!!! please!

Candle Lighter

Prolouge ...second part

*Jou's pov.*

I was hurt. How could seto do this to me? I don't understand. Everything seemed alright with us. The more I thought about what happened the more hurt and pissed I felt. Just after the day he {BASTARD} dumped me, he came out with 'her'. The pretty long legged dumb blonde with blue Eyes, Alice Spiral. She was daughter to Fredick Spiral, CEO of Spiral Comany. Seto, it's Kaiba now. Kaiba even had the nerve to invite MY friends to dinner to see his new 'girlfriend'. And my friends DID go to that damn dinner {except my sis who lived far away and honda}. Which only made me more pissed. Afterwords Yugi told me she was very nice. Did I look like I give a damn!!! If I could I would boil her alive and chop her into little peices and stuff it down Kaiba's throat!!! My stuff was still at Kaiba's, but I wasn't going to take any of it. All of my things were boughten by Kaiba and so they weren't really mine.

I had no where to go really. I didn't feel like going to Yugi's because all he will talk about is 'getting over' this and 'moving on' and 'accepting' everything that has happened. I didn't want to... I wanted to be angry. Angry was better then hurt. So, I made myself feel angry to cover up the hurt. I walk to my old room. I had no choice but to stay at my dads house. I hated it here brought back old memories beatings, my father and his friends who used to touch me, any other things I don't even want to remember. I sit on my old bed looking at the floor. A sudden thought struck me and it made me afraid. What do I have left? I thought if I just had my friends I would be fine but now I know i was wrong. I wanted love ...seto's love. I felt hurt again . I hated this feeling, I felt it to much. I didn't want to feel it again! Ever! I need to get out. Get out of Japan, leave this place. Start new somewhere else. Somewhere far far away.

It was a good idea just that I had no money to move myself to any other place. So, I did what I do best as my father told me. I sold myself. I hated too but the pain was so great I didn't care. I just let my brain go numb and didn't care as the customer had his way with me. I didn't tell anyone of course and I hid my money under a lose bourd on my bedroom floor. So far I saved up $1,750 dollars. I just need to save up more and then I would feel safe to leave.

I was doing a customer in his car when bad came to worse. A cop caught us! He told me to get out of the car and he seemed to know the customer and told him to never do it again. He gave the man a warning and told him to leave. The guy did without paying me. Bastard. Then the cop turned to me and looked at me weird.

"Are you gonna let me go? " I asked "you gave that guy a warning! So, I should get one too!". I couldn't get caught, it would screw me up so bad.

"Ooh, I don't know about you" said the cop smirking. I felt my stomach turn on how he was starring at me. The cop handed my a card, "I won't turn you in if you come to this place tonight at eight. I'll even pay you". What choice did I have? I took the card.


At eight I felt scared, I had a bad feeling. It was a motel called "Yarubu". I knocked on room 202 which was on the card written down. A different man then the cop answer. He looked at me and pulled me in. I starred into the room which held five men. I knew I shouldn't have come. But then ... I had no choice.

"you didn't say there was gonna be five" I said spotting the cop. "I didn't say there was gonna be one!" the cop said back. I turned to try and get out but I was shoved forword onto the bed. The men came at me and stripped me. I was flipped over. So many hands went over me, touching me. It felt just the same ... with my father and his friends.

"HEY! stop it!! I didn't agree to five!" I yelled, but their hands still were on me! "I am saying stop!!! this is rape!!!" I shouted again.

"Someone gag him" said a man. I heard laughter and "Ohh, I'll gag him". A hand grabbed my hair and shoved my head upwords. I gasped and a cock was shoved into my mouth.

"you bite me and I swear I'll cut off your dick" he threatened "now suck, whore". What choice did I have? I sucked his cock dry as I felt a man behind me shove his dick into me. It hurt so bad ... I tried to get myself numb to block out everything but I couldn't. They kept taking turns on me, I was bleeding. It hurt so bad. When I couldn't take it anymore I started to fight back but then they started to beat and kick me. So, I stopped fighting. It seemed like hours before they stopped but then they started up again just as fast. This time they stuck things in me and laughed. A guy even took out a camra to record what was going on. I couldn't help but cry. I hated this. I hated crying and it hurt so much. Why did all this happen to me..

Seto ... can't you see I hurt ..........


When I woke up the cop and his friends where gone and I was covered in blood. A cheap ten bucks was on the stand next to me. I angrily ripped it up crying. My body was sore and hurt bad. I cried again for a good hour before there was a banging on the door. it was the motel manager saying that my check out time passed and I need to pay up. I cried more. The manager must of heard me because he opened the door.

"shit" he said looking at me. I was naked coverd in bruises with dried blood. He came over to me and took a look at the bed. The sheets were blood stained.

"do you want me to call the cops?" he asked.

"NO!!! .. plea..please don't." I cried. "Are you sure?" he asked

I am sure ... how can I get help from the ones who did this to me?

The manager was nice and cleaned me up. He even gave me a ride to town. I thanked him and then was on my way. I felt dirty, I felt like I didn't deserve any help. Was this why you left me, seto? because I was dirty?


I must of really looked like shit because when Yugi saw me. Total shock on his face. I told him I was just jumped. He didn't look like he believed me.

"I'm alright" I said putting on my cheerful face even though I wanted to shrivel up and die.

"Do you want to stay here tonight?" he asked worried.

"No" I said. I felt hungry and just wanted to go home and sleep. Sleep forever ...

"Well, I am going." I said. "Tell Yami I said hi" waving I walked home. I stopped by the store on my way home. Not even noticing that familar rich blue car outside it. I picked up a basket and walked to the fruit section. I picked up some apples, banana's, and grapes. I started to walk to the next aisle when I felt a hand tug at my sleeve. I turned and saw Mokuba. Shit! Mokuba's here then 'he' is probably as well.

"shit!" said Mokuba seeing my face. Did Kaiba know you used that word, Mokuba? "What happened? Jou, are you alright" asked Mokuba.

"Yah, just got jumped by some assholes" I said. Mokuba lifted a hand to my face and I flinched in pain.

"you should get looked at" he said worried. I was about to reply when ...

"get what looked at?" said a voice I know so well. My heart stopped. I felt a wave of pain wash over me. I felt hurt again. I didn't want to turn around. I need to get away.

"well, gotta go" I said. I moved forword to walk away, I couldn't turn and face him. But Kaiba grabbed my hand

"ahhhh" I gasped in pain. Kaiba turned me around and took in a good look at me. Hatred was written on my face. Was it at me or the ones who did this? I didn't know.

"what are you doing?" he asked

"what?" I said confused.

"are you hurting yourself to make me feel guilty?" he asked rolling up my sleeve to see my arms black and blue from bruises.

"you should!!! and NO I am not. Do you think i asked for this!!!" I jerked my hand away from him. I glarred at him and was about to say 'go to hell and leave me alone' when ...

"SETTOOO!!!" said a whinny voice. I saw her Alice aka the bitch i hope who dies a horrid death. {^_^ - me when she dies}

"alice" said Mokuba in a annoyed tone. Mokuba seemed like he didn't like her which made me feel happy.

"So, this is where you all are! I saw your car and decided to stop by." she said cheerful. She looked at me "Oh, you must be Katsuya"

"Jou" I growl. You have no right to call me that, bitch.

"Oh." she said "Oh, what happend" she said lifting a hand to touch my face. I slapped it away.

"DON't touch me!!! Just leave me the hell alone" I growl and walk off. I walk fast hoping that they would just leave me alone. I was walking so fast I bumped into another person. I fell backwords on my ass which hurt like hell.

"ah... sorry" I mumbled. I looked up and froze. It was one of them ...

"Oooh. I am surprised to run into you, beautiful" he laughed. He went to help me up but I slapped his hand away.

"thats not very nice" he said.

"get away!!!" I shout. I get up and jump back. "If you bother me, I'll go to the Police and tell them you raped me!!!"I threatend.

"raped? honey, you sell yourself. Why would anyone believe you when your a prostitute?" he laughed. He moved closer but then I felt pulled back.

"I believe he told you to leave him alone" said Kaiba. Shit! Did he hear everything? He probably thinks I am dirty now.

"heh" the guy turns and walked away. I looked down, I couldn't look at Kaiba. He probably thinks worse of me now.

Kaiba growled and swung me around to face him. "Jumped, huh?" he growled "what the hell do you think you are doing, Kastsuya!"

"don't!" I growl "don't call me that. YOU have no right to call me that, kaiba" I growl.

"So, thats how it is now" he said

"because of you!" I growl

"why didn't you tell anyone?" he asked

"who would care right? Just like that guy said 'who would believe a prostitute?' " I laughed.

"If you need money, I'll give you some" he said.

"I don't want your damn money! Quite acting like you care!!!" I shout

"because I do care!!!" said Kaiba

"liar" I whispered, I dropped my basket. Then I turned and ran.

I didn't get to eat and I didn't get a good night sleep. Instead I spent the night outside sleeping on a bench crying my heart out. I need out, I didn't care where I go...

So, I left Japan ..for good. I hope ..

2 B continued, how was it..please review good things!!!!!!!

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