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Candle Lighter Chapter One
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Chapter One

gross! cleaning out my fridge! in the way way way back i found maynays {however you spell it} and it was dated sept.15, 2003 before it rotted and like all the fat went to the top! talk about sick? ...anyone want some!! that is gross!!!!!!!! i was like "blahhhh"

Candle Lighter

Chapter 1: 7 years later ..

Jou's pov

After everything in Japan I grabbed my money and passport and went to America. To New York city, it reminded me a lot of Domino though. I missed Japan but then I learned to love New York. I didn't have the best apartment but it was good. I sort of had a new family and friends as well. While my seven years I've let run-aways and kids stay at my apartment if they had no where to go. The ones that stayed regulary with me where Aya, Sena, and Asuran. The rest just come and go. I had three jobs one at a bakery, one at a coffee shop, and another at Star and Co. where I load up boxes and stuff near the sea bank. Life was good and enjoyable . Till fate came into my life again ...or rather 'him' to be more exact ...

Normal pov.

"Jou! get up! your gonna be late for work!" screamed a irritated 15-year old boy named Sena Izumi . Jou just turned over in his bed and coverd his head with his pillow.

"sena ..5 more minutes" Jou yawned.

"I've given you twenty!!! Jou, your gonna be late and then your gonna get fired!! Up now! AYA HELP ME OUT!!" screamed Sena. Aya just laughed from the living room "your doing a great job. you don't need my help". Sena growled and ripped the blankets off Jou and screamed in his ear "UP NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!". Jou whinned and got up.

"your so mean!"

"I know I know. Shower! Now! I'll make breakfest" said Sena

"with what?" asked Aya from the coach "we hardly have food. You need to go shopping"

"and you need to get a job. It's not fair to make Jou pay for everything" Sena lectured Aya. Aya sighed and got off the coach. he walked over to Sena and leant down over the smaller boy "if you give me a kiss, I'll get a job" he teased.

"really!!" said Sena. Aya smirked "yes". Sena grabbed Aya'a hand and kissed it/

"Okay! now, go get a job"

"I didn't mean that kinda kiss!" snapped Aya

"aya, you perve. leave sena alone." said Asuran coming out of the other bedroom. "I'm not buggin him. He wants me ..."

"yeah ... whatever" said Asuran walking over to the table and sitting down. "Hey, sena. whats for breakfest?"

"yogurt, eggs, and toast. A Healthy breakfest!!" smiled Sena taking out a frying pan and laying it on the stove. He cracked the eggs and put them in. As they eggs cooked Sena went and put in 4 peices of toast.

"Aya, can you pour 5 glasses of orange juice please?" asked Sena

"5?" asked Aya

"yeah, kyo spent the night last night. He came in at one ... his father beat him again. So, don't be mean" Sena tsk'ed at Aya.

"am I ever mean?" joked Aya walking by Sena but not before pinching Sena's ass. Sena ignored it though but just glarred at Aya.

"Hey! I need the first batch of eggs and toast" said Jou rushing out of the bathroom in a towel into his room to get dressed. Sena took out a plate and put on the first batch of eggs and toast. Jou ran out of his room, only taking a minute to change into cloths. He was tugging his shoes on as he sat at the table. Sena laid the plate of food and his juice infront of Jou.

"here, I'll make you lunch as you eat" smiled Sena. He walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a sack bag and made 3 turkey sandwhiches because Jou seemed to eat much and a apple plus crackers and sena slipped in 2 bucks so Jou could get something to drink. Even though Jou was 24 he looked 19, so young and so much troubles thought Sena sad as he folded the top of the lunch bag.

"all done" Jou stood up and went to grab his coat. "I work 2 shifts today. So, I'll be home around nine." Jou took the lunch from Sena and kissed the top of his head "thanks. oh here" Jou pulled out a twenty and gave it to Sena. "go shopping today. See you later guys" smiled Jou rushing out thinking how late he was going to be if he didn't run to work.

After Jou left, Sena faced Aya "YOU! go find a job! your 18 be more responisble. I would get a job, but I am 15." said Sena.

"fine fine. I'll get a job. not like I haven't been looking for one already." mumbeled Aya.

Jou was on time. His first shift was at the coffee shop 'Ringo's '. He was working cash register. It wasn't really busy because it was in the afternoon and lots of the customers were at work. He was bored and nearly dozing when 'she' walked in. Jou would never had thought he would ever see 'her' again in real life. 'Her' that tall learn blonde who Jou had to admit was pretty but he still hated her. Alice,the reason why Seto dumped him. She walked up to the counter and looked at Jou.

"Hi, I'd like a tall latte" she said. Jou nodded and turned around, heart pounding. He really wanted to spit in her cup but he didn't. He made it and turned toward her "that is 4.50 please" he said. 'She' dug into her small purse and handed him a five. Jou put it in the register and handed her the change.

"do .. I know you?" she asked.


"No ..." said Jou

"I swaer ..i've seen you before" she smiled. Go to hell and rot, bitch

"Nope" said Jou annoyed

"whats your name?"

"uhh ..."

"OH MY!! I remember now.. Katsuya!"

"Jou" I growled.

"oh .. Jou. How have you been?" she asked even though it sounded like she didn't care.

"good, you?" I asked, I had to be polite ... she was a customer. A evil bitchy customer.

"I'm good. I am about to be Mrs. Kaiba. Did you hear me and Seto-kun are getting married. You should come to our wedding! Whats your address, I can mail you a invention."

"not to be rude ... but I would rather rot in hell" I said.

"Well ... I was just trying to be nice." she said turning to walk out. I growl ...she seemed nice but then who knows?

Seto starred at his watch. "Where is Alice? She is late" he mumbled to Mokuba who was facing him. MOkuba sighed, "lets just order"

"No . we will wait"

"it's been twenty minutes." sighed Moukuba. He leant on his hand, "I cannot belive you are going to marry her."

"Mokuba ... we've been over this" said Seto

"When she moves in .. I am moving out." said Mokuba

"Mokuba ... I won't allow that to happen" said Seto

"to bad, brother. I am now twenty. You aren't my guardian" said Mokuba smiling.

" Well then, tell me. Who is going to pay for your tuition? Your bills?" asked Seto. Mokuba growled at him " you are evil. But really, Seto. I just .. I don't like Alice. I cannot live with her. You may feel for her but I don't. she seems ... I don't know how to say it. I just don't like her"

"mokuba .. oh, hello Alice" seto smiled as Alice walked toward their table and sat next to seto.

"Oh my gosh! Seto, honey! You will not believe who I ran into!! I didn't recongize him at first!" said Alice, "You know your ex-boyfriend."

"You ran into jou?" asked Mokuba happy.

"Yeah, he was working at a coffee shop" said Alice, Seto chuckeled at the mention of jou's job.

"Really! where? I want to go see him ..." said Mokuba excited. "Some place called ringo's on 5th by that mall called Aero." said Alice. {this place doesn't exist}

"Really.?" asked Mokuba

"Yeah. He looked the same the last time but he's really I mean really skinny. It's embarssing, he like weighs less then me and I am 101." said Alice.

"Well, Seto I am going to go see Jou. Sorry, I'll have lunch with you guys later" Mokuba got up and left before Seto could argue. Once, Mokuba was gone Seto turned to Alice.

"you knew if you said that he would leave." said Seto

"yes, but I knew he would be happy to see him." said Alice smiling

"It's bad ... I was hoping we wouldn't run into him again" said Seto

"You can see him" said Alice

"heh, why would I?" asked Seto sarcasticly. Alice smirked "I know you want too"

"you know nothing" said Seto

"it's been seven long years" sighed Alice " Once were married ... it will be all over"

"it better. I don't know how much longer I can wait"

Sena sighed with just twenty bucks for everything they needed. It wasn't enough. Kyo was dragging behind Sena holding all the food in a basket that wasn't even half way full. Sena took a glance at Kyo. Kyo's face was bruised up. His cheek was a deep shade of black and blue mixed and he hade two black eyes. Sena didn't even want to see the rest of kyo's beaten body. it made him remember his step father.

"Hey.. um' " Kyo blushed "can we get some grapes. I mean .. if it's not to much. I know we don't have a lot to spend and all..."

"Of course." said Sena smiling even though since grapes were out of season they cost more and Sena had a budget. Sena turned toward the shelf he was looking at. They had to survive on cheap soup and canned food because it cost less and top romen. sena jumped when he heard Kyo dropped the basket spilling the food.

"kyo!" said Sena but stopped as he saw a look of terror on Kyo's face. Sena looked behind him and saw a large man stocking over to them. It was kyo's father.

"BOY! where the hell were you last night!" Kyo just stood there frozen in fear as his father slapped him across the face. Kyo whimpered and Kyo's father grabbed him by the shirt.

"let him go now!" Sena threw a can of beans at Kyo's fathers head. Hitting dead on the spot.

"bug off" threatened Kyo's father.

"HELP!!! HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!! HELLPP!!! THERES A MAN BEATING UP A KID!! HELP!!" screamed Sena attracking people's attention.

"damn brat, I'll kill you" Kyo's father dropped his son to the floor and went after Sena. Sena took a step back and kept screaming for help.

"hey! someone call the police" screamed a voice. kyo's father stopped, this was bad.

"don't think this over" he threatened and ran off. Sena ran over to kyo's still scared body on the floor.

"kyo..are you alright?" asked Sena worried. Kyo was shaking and crying "i hate him ..."

"lets go see jou. He works only a block away. Okay" said Sena. kyo sniffed and nodded

"sorry about the food."

"thats okay. I'll go shopping later and get some grapes as well" smiled Sena

Mokuba after walking four blocks and getting lost a couple times finally found the coffee shop ringo's. He went inside excited. He couldn't wait to see Jou after seven long years! He opened the door and walked in. The shop was almost empty except for a old couple sitting at a table in the back. Mokuba's eyes widened as he saw a certain familar blonde sitting behind the counter looking at the desk bored.

"JOU!!!" Mokuba ran over to the counter and hugged Jou over the counter.

"Mok..Mokuba!" gasped Jou surprised.

"I cannot belive it's you. I missed you so much!" said Mokuba crying. Jou smiled and wrapped his arms around Mokuba.

"yeah, it's beena while" said Jou.

"So, how have you been?' asked Mokuba drying his eyes. "I'm good. How you've been?" asked Jou

"I've been good. I am in collage" said Mokuba

"thats good. So, hows your brother?" asked Jou

"he's good. He's going to Marry Alice. ugh, i cannot stand her. She is so so so so so so annoying" said Mokuba

"really" smirked Jou.

"Yeah. It's weird though. Setos relationship with Alice wasn't as good with you. It makes me wonder..."

"well, in OUR relationship it turned out he didn't love me. thats probably why it seems different" said Jou.

"maybe... I don't know." said Mokuba. "Maybe ..." Mokuba was intrupted as the door ringer rung as someone walked in. Jou looked over Mokuba's shouldar to see Sena and Kyo walking in. He also noticed Kyo was crying.

"hold on a sec" Jou whispered to Mokuba. Jou slipped under the counter and walked over to kyo and Sena.

"what happened?" asked Jou worried

"father" muttured Sena. Jou got a angry face but then it changed to worry.

"you want something to drink?" asked Jou

"no..I just .. I don't know. I'm sorry" said Kyo hanging his hand.

"no, don't be sorry. It's not your fault" said Jou

"is it?" asked Kyo uncertain. Jou looked up sighing seeing customers come in.

"I got to get back to work..." Jou sighed.

"Okay, we'll go back to the apartment" said Sena

"here, let me get you cash for a cab" said Jou

"Jou, I'll give them a ride" said Mokuba

"really, thanks Mokuba" said Jou

"Mokuba?" asked Sena

"Mokuba Kaiba" said Mokuba

"KAIBA!" said Sena "like .. big company owning people, the kaiba's"

"um' yeah" blushed Mokuba

"Jou! how do you know the kaibas!" asked Sena

"went to school with mokuba's older brother' said Jou "tell you later"

"okay, let me take you home" said Mokuba

"sure" said Sena amazed. Mokuba called his limo on and cell and they waited outside for it.

"Hey.. before I take you back. Do you want to go out and eat, my treat" asked Mokuba

"sure" said Sena.

"great then ..."

2 B' continued was it???

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