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Blue Eyes Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Thanks for all the reviews! I love them all! you are so nice!!!! Oh YAh! I am feeling out a application to go to japan. I am trying out for a scholarship from yfu! I hope I get it! I had to pay 35 bucks for a application fee! I better have. I had to a lot to do that is why i haven't updated for a while.

Blue Eyes

Chapter 2: everyone likes to pick on me = {

Jou Pov.

Seto brung the paper down to his face to read it. My heart raced, only one thing to do. I tackeled him to the ground. He fell back surprised with me on top. The paper fell out of his hands and into the street and floated off in the wind. I sighed a sigh of relief before I was thrown roughly backwords by Kaiba. "Mutt!" he growled getting up. He reached and grabbed my collar pulling me up. "What the hell are you doing?"

"I ... I gave you the wrong thing. That paper had something on it I needed, and didn't want you to see. It was personal!! if you had just given it back, I wouldn't have ..." I stopped talking as he started to laugh really hard.

"what is so funny?" I growled

"the paper was personal you say? I didn't know mash could be personal?"

"YOU READ IT!!! WHEN! I didn't see you read it!" I felt really stupid.

"I saw it on the counter in the shop."

"and you didn't say anything!!!" I growled, damn him! he can be such a bastard. *but he is so cute too!*

"I had no clue you liked me mutt. But, it's natural for a puppy to want his master." Seto smirked and stepped closer. "I wonder what brung on this attraction. You don't seem the gay type, puppy. Do your friends know?" he laughed as he saw fear come across my face. I didn't answer.

"take that as a no?"

"Just leave me alone" I growled.

"Do you want me too?" He smiled a evil smile at me. I felt so stupid! AH! My mind started working again! the shop! I left it alone! Someone could robb it!

"...........have to go back to the shop" I said fast escaping the question. I ran as fast as I could back to the pasty shop. OH! I felt so embarassed! Seto will probably tell everyone! Sometimes I hate and love him at the same time....

        It's been a week. No one had said anything about seto to me. I thought about it and decided that seto wouldn't tell anyone. One, he doesn't hang out with yugi or anyone. Two, he would look stupid if he just called my friends up and say 'hey, jou is gay', and three he doesn't seem to care really. I've been scared he might come to the pastry shop and tease me. I don't really mind if he did though. Atleast, I would be able to see him. But, it turns out Seto wouldn't be the one teasing me...

        "Hey Jou!" said Otogi walking into the pastry shop. I smiled and looked up "Hey otogi" I said. He smiled and held up a peice of paper in his hand. "Know what this is?" he said.

"a peice of paper" I said stupidly.

"wanna guess from who?" he snickered.

"yugi?" i squeaked getting a bad feeling. He laughed and shook his head.

"I saw seto kaiba today at a conference. He told me something ... very interesting." He laughed.

"whats that got to do with the peice of paper?" I asked.

"It's from Kaiba. It's your little mash paper" he laughed.

"WHAT! but it went into the street and flew away!"

"apparently, the wind changed course and blew the paper back toward kaiba. Didn't know you had a thing for him ...hahaha" Otogi laughed really hard. I threw a spoon at him and told him to shut up and go to hell. Otogi just through a dice at my head.

"ow!" I rubbed my cheek where the dice hit. "anwayz, I came here to tell you I need a date to a party next tuesday. I want you to come with me." he said

"why! I'm a guy"

"and your gay"

"whats that got to do with you!"

"Jou ... don't you know. I am too!"

"you are"

"you couldn't tell!!!!!"


"well, anywayz. As dumb as you are I still want you as my date"

"and if I said NO!!!!!!"

"then, I can show this to Tristan ...and Mai" Otogi shook the paper in the air

"WHAT! NO! you can't you bastard!" I growled. DAMN DAMN DAMN!

"Oh, i can. So, going to come with me or not darling?" Otogi smiled evily.I frowned, "I don't have much of a choice".

"Good, it's this tuesday. Pick you up at six. I will send over a outfit for you to wear" said Otogi. He leaned over quickly and pecked me on the lips. I growled and went to push him away but he already was heading out the door.

"call you later, sweety" he smiled and walked out.

"bastard" I growled.

        I opened the door to my home. It was nine and my dad wasn't back from the bar yet. Beer cans and bottles littered the floor. I started to pick them up and clean up the living room. After I cleaned up half of it I moved to the kitchen to make something to eat. This week has been not a good week. Seto knows I like him and so does otogi who blackmailed me. Damn him! I growled and kicked the table. life wasn't fun this week! Little did I know how much worse it was going to be this tuesday.

        Monday, tomorrow I have to go to Otogi's stupid date! Oh, and did I tell you what he sent me to wear? I thought he was going to have me wear a tux but when I opened the box and say THAT! a blue dress that had a slit up the front to show off the legs and then there was that wrist thing. it was pretty dress but I didn't want to wear it and the shoes! Damn otogi! he was going to have me wear blue high heel shoes!

AN: to see Jou's dress and shoes here is the address

i think it is a pretty dress!.

        Otogi left a note in the box as well.


bought this just for you. Blue is really your color and someone else's favorite color which I might add will be at the dinner tomorrow. Better practice walking around on those high heels, so you don't make a fool of yourself. Your look so pretty in this, doll.

love you,


        "Damn him!" I growled! "Just you wait Otogi! I will get you back!" while mutturing curses about Otogi I slipped on the dress and was trying to put on the high heels. After half an hour and still trying to fit on the damn shoes! I finally called up Serenity. She came over and helped me into the shoes and fixed the dress for me. While teasing me on how Otogi blackmailed me. Oh yah, did I tell you. Serenity knows I'm gay already and that I liked Seto. She laughed and helped me stand up.

"try walking around" she says. I growled angry and started to walk around only to trip on my third step.

"okay, we need to practice" laughed serenity.

        5 hours and 37 minutes and 12 seconds later.

"YES! I can do this! I can walk around on these damn shoes!" I said tired. I saw down on my bed and took of my shoes. My feet hurt after all that walking. Serenity takes the shoes and places them in the box.

"dress" she says

"uh?" i say confused

"dress, give it to me. So, I can put it away" she says

"ewww! not with u in the room!" I said.

"fine, i'll go out and you change" Serenity left the room. I quickly slipped out of the dress and placed it on the bed. I then changed fast into pants and a shirt.

"okay, it's safe" I called. Serenity comes back into the room. "I feel so bad. This house is such a mess. Sucks to live with dad".

"well, a certain person didn't want to take me along with her" I growled. I see a hurt look cross over Serenity's face. "Sorry" I muttured quickly "It's just that all I have of mom is not a nice picture..." there was a pause of silence "come on, help me hang up this stupid dress". Serenity giggles and walks over to help hang it up.

"Okay, it's ten and I have to go. I will come back tomorrow at four to help you get ready. Heheh, I'll bring make up"


        Tuesday, the end of my life. It is five aclock. I am waiting outside for Otogi with Serenity. I am in the damn blue dress with the high heels on. Serenity had done my hair so it had glitter and cute little clips {as serenity called them} in it to hold it back from being untidy. I had eye-liner and masscare or whatever on. She put blush and lipstick on. Then she added last silver glitter on my cheeks. After she had done my make she paused and starred at me for a while.

"what?" I growled.

"hehe, nothing you just look so pretty Joey!" she teased. "If I was guy, I would want you bad!"


        So, now that I am ready, I tap my foot. Damn, where is Otogi? I am going to kill him for being late. Serenity nudges me and says look. I turn and see a limo drive up to us.

"about damn time!" I growled as the limo stops infront of us. The window rolls down to reveal not Otogi ... but Seto Kaiba!!!

2 B' contined .... haha, I finally finished chapter 2..!!!!!!!

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