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Seto and Jou Images *Yaoi*

I am not very picky about fanfiction but try to make it yaoi with Seto/Jou or something if you can. Please put warnings before chapters if it contains lemons or something.

Lemons- contains adult situations (Nc-17)
Yaoi (slash) -Male/Male
Lime- snogging, making out, etc.etc.

The Dragon Prince by Sunshine Pie

AU, Yaoi, Lemon (later) Rating R...
Seto and Jou are Dragon princes. Both their kingdoms are at war until seto takes control of Jou's kingdom and takes him as his slave.

Only This Once Version 1. by SunshinePie

Yaoi, Lemon, Dealth Fic..
Rated R...
Summary: Jou is in love with Seto, the only problem is that Seto is going out with Otogi. One-shot- this is the sad version ...

Only This Once Version 2.

A different ending to Only this Once-more happy

Blue Eyes by SunshinePie Chapter One

Chapter 2

CHapter Three

Chapter 4

Chapter Five

Yaoi, Lemon (future), Blackmail
Rated PG-13 (at moment)
Summary: Jou see's into the future to see who is Seto destinyed for while hoping it is him. The only thing Jou can make out is that seto's future love has blue eyes. Depressed but then blackmailed by Otogi over a mash game paper Jou trys to figure out what Seto's true feelings for him are.

Candle Lighter Prologue 1st part

Prologue 2sd Part

Chapter One

Okaa-San, dearest

Childhood memories of Katsuya and his Okaa-san

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