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Blue Eyes Chapter Four

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Chapter 4

Blue eyes...

A/N: the last chapter said was meant to say 3 (I'll go and try and edit it...)

Chapter 4: AS my world turns...

        I gulp and stare at the hand that lay infront of me. My heart sped up, *Seto* i think *please don't let this be a cruel joke*. I took the hand and Seto helped me up. He led me to the dance floor and I didn't notice how he glanced over my shouldar smirking. I was only thinking of him and me at that momment. His hand squuezes mine and I felt myself grow so happy i could have died. I felt a blush on my face as Seto starred at me and I starred right back.

"So" I blush, trying to start a conversation "who were you dancing with earlier?"

"hehe, watching me?" Smirked Seto. "No!" I blushed, "when I was dancing with Otogi I noticed you"

"Sure puppy" Seto smirked "well, she is the daughter of Shuchi Spiral who owns the Spiral Comany"

"Oh" I said "never heard of it". Seto laughs and shakes his head "I didn't expect a small puppy like you too."

"So .... are you having fun at this uh...dinner party thing?" I ask. Seto laughs "Not really. I go to so many I bore of them. How about you puppy? Do you like hanging with higher status?"

"Not really. it's boring and they are all snobs. I am glad I am not rich" I say. Seto stares at me weird like I said somethiing astonishing.

"you are the first person ever that has told me they don't want to be rich" said Seto, his gaze still looking at me in a funny way. I shrugg my shouldars "Well, I mean being rich can do things to you. Like make you cold and distant. You have to be cautious of who you date. Cause you don't know if they want you for YOU or for your money" I reply. Seto stares me "What about you? How do I know you don't like me for my money". I smile and give a small laugh.

"Well" I start, I feel myself blush more. "I mean ... you don't have to believe me. But, I like you for yourself. I don't want money. I have all that I need my friends, sister, a home, a job. I have people who care for me and thats the most important thing ever. More richer then money" I blush ...Ra, that sounded stupid!

"Katsuay ..." Seto stares at me. AHH HE SAID ME FIRST NAME!! He leans forword making my blush even more. He leans into my ear "you are the stupidest puppy ...ever. Nothing is worth more than money" he whispers. I shake my head and lean my head on his shouldar.

"thats where you are wrong." I say "love is worth more. Would you give up your company ...all your money for Mokuba? Is your company worth more than Mokuba? You love him and would do anything for him even give up your company. That proves he is worth more than your money" I snuggle my head on his shouldar. Enjoying this momment, I will probably never get again ever. Seto doesn't say anything and we keep dancing.

"Why do you like my Katsuya?" he asks. I blush ...damn my cheeks and whatever makes me blush. "Umm ... it's really embarassing" I say. Seto pulls my head off his shouldar to stare at him.

"tell me" he says. I felt myself grow nervous. I open my mouth to speak but then i feel a tug and I am forced away from Seto. I turn to see a jealous looking Otogi.


"Sorry, to interupt" Ryuugi otogi smirks "but, I think we need to go home." With that Ryuuji pulls me away toward the exit. I stare one more time at Seto who only turns around and walks away. As we headed out the door I noticed the girl Seto danced with and I noticed something else that made me shiver with fear and sorrow...

she had blue eyes....

2 b' contined..sorry so short...

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