Seto and his Puppy

Blue Eyes Chapter 3

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Seto and Jou Images *Yaoi*

Chapter 3

Blue Eyes

Chapter 3: The Dinner party...and 

        "Kai ..Kaiba! What the hell are you doing here?" I growl. Seto smirks and steps out of the car looking me up and down. "You look nice, puppy" Seto looks so cute right now but he's still a jerk.

"answer the question! why are you here?" I asked again.

"Because, he gave me a ride" said a different voice.


"Please Jou, your my date. Call me Ryuuji" Otogi no ... Ryuuji smiles at me. "You look beautiful Jou. Blue looks good on you, won't you agree Seto?" asked Ryuuji smiling at Seto.

"lets go" Seto said angry gettint back into the car. what was that about?

"Sweetie" Ryuuji took my hand and lead me inside the car.

"have fun!" Serenity cried as the car rolled away.

        "Did it take you a while to get into the dress?" asked Ryuuji. "No" I lied. Ryuuji kept eyeing me up and down. I felt myself starting to blush, I wondered what Seto thought about me. I heard a small chuckle come from Kaiba. I glare at him "whats so funny?"

"you are. I just noticed. Your legs are shaved." He smirked.

"I didn't shave stupid! Who said I ever had hair on them!" I smirk at him. He doesn't say anything just kept smirking and starring at me. I felt embarassed and looked away. I didn't look forword to going to a party with rich people wearing a dress! I feel the car stop at a light and I also feel a hand on my thigh. I look up to glare at Ryuuji who is smiling while looking out the window. I grab his hand and take it off my thigh, "don't do that" I growl.

"But, I'm your date..I can touch you if I want too!" Ryuuji smiles at me

"I am only here because you damn well blackmailed me bastard" I growl at Ryuuji. I noticed Seto turn his head at what I had said raising a eyebrow.

"Jou hunny shh" said Ryuuji giving me a weird look. I of course never the one to listen continued on.

"Don't tell me what to do! Besides you said you needed a date! Se..Kaiba doesn't have a date so why do you need one!" I asked.

"Because I always bring dates and Kaiba is just anti-social" said Ryuuji

"don't insult him!"I growl. I hear a chuckle from the side. *shit, forget he was in the car*

"I don't need mutts to stick up for me. But, it is natural for a puppy to want to stick up for his master" Seto smirks at me. I feel my hear flutter. Ryuuji laughs and tells me to shut up till we get to the party.

        5 minutes in and I know this is going to suck! Eyes are all around me starring at me. I feel like I am naked! Why is everyone looking at me. I grab a glass of wine and start to drink it, might as well get drunk or something. I am standing next to Ryuuji, he has his arm around me while he talks. I don't pay much attention. My eyes are set on what is before me. Seto is dancing with a young girl. I was surprised that he would accept a dance or maybe he asked the girl too. I feel jealous as I watch him move across the dance floor. I wish I could dance with him. Suddenly, blue eyes met brown eyes. I blushed and looked away *damn*

"Something the matter" Ryuuji asked at me worried.


"Hmm...lets dance"

"Um! Not a good idea!"I said

"yes, come" Ryuuji took my glass and set it down. Then he took my hand and lead me unto the dance floor. Seto and the girl danced by us and I wanted to cry. I wish with all my hear I could be her in his arms. Instead I am in Ryuuji's arms. Oh Ra help me! Ryuuji places his arms around me. I am dancing the girl part. I am not a good dancer, I had only the time to dance at school dances. Ryuuji and I spin around and around dancing. It's fun, Ryuuji was a good dance it seemed.

"I saw you starring at him"


"your my date"

"yes date! but not boyfriend"

"I can change that"

"no, you cannot"

"wanna bet"

"sure!" I growled "dare you to try. You cannot make me do anything!"

"Oh, puppy. I 'made' you be my date and I 'made' you wear a dress. I think I can make you do anythiny" He smirks as I growl at him.

"don't call me puppy! only he can call me that" I growl

"oh really!" said Ryuuji his eyes darted from mine to over to Seto who had stopped dancing and walked off the dance floor.

"How did you come to like Kaiba?" Ryuuji asks

"WHy should I tell you!"

"because I can 'make' you" Ryuuji laughs. I growl, well, might as well. To pass the time off.

"I don't know. Like at school one day I just started looking at him in a different way. All that we've gone through pegasus, the big five, noa and stuff. I've gotten to know him better and ..." I blushed *damn it* "I don't know like when I am around him I feel this special force pulling me towards him. He's special and I can feel it in my heart. That sounded corny" I muttured and looked down. Ra, I felt dumb. I hear Ryuuji laugh and he pulls my head up and stares into my eyes. I feel a little weirded out by him. He pecks me on the lips and smiles "not that corny" he says. I smile and we danced on.

        Okay! My feet ache! These damn shoes want to kill me! I swear they are out to get me! I almost tripped like seven times already! Ryuuji let me off easy saying I could sit down. He made it seem like he spared my life, bastard. A waiter offers me a drink and I take it. I drink tiny sips as I watch the others dance and think about the little whispers I heard about me. A boy in a dress, make that a pretty boy as they say. I felt a little envy at how happy they are those rich people on the dance floor. Of course they are happy they are rich, beautiful, and smart, everything I am not. Sure, they can be snuddy and rude and that makes me feel better. I really want to get out of here. I jump as a hand is placed on my chin and my face is force to look up into none other than seto kaiba! My heart freezes, I feel that weird feeling in my stomach I feel a lot when he is around me. I love you ...

"care for a dance puppy?"

Someone please check the news to see if hell froze over!!!

2 B' Continued..

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