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Blue Eyes Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

Blue Eyes

Chapter 5: heart breaking .... and damn you otogi i will kill you!

Sara Spiral was her name and breaking my heart was her game. She had long silver blondish hair and blue eyes. Blue eyes. I sigh and turn off the tv not wanting to bear it anymore. Watching the news can really depress you. Today was normal, did my shift at Sweet Puff and then came home. Turned on the tv set to watch the news and then I hear the most terrible news in my life!

Him .......

Seto .....

dating ........

I cannot bear to think of it. Seto was dating that girl! I was hoping the prediction would be wrong. But its all coming true it seems so far. I never thought Seto would date anyone. After I saw him at the dance I had a slight hope he might ... be interested. I guess not now.

Also with Otogi. Haha, that bastard. He cannot tell me to do anything anymore. I told tristan and everyone else about my being gay. Yugi and Yami already knew. Otogi got pissed let me tell you. he screamed and shouted and had a BF {bitch fit ...heard that from a movie, always wanted to say it}. He promised he would get me back. Lets just say I enjoyed every moment of it. But all that happiness went away when I watched the news.

seto ... how can you. I know I cannot compete with her. Seto was straight ... I think and I hope not! But if he was gay why date a girl. Well, to think I guess she is pretty and she does have blue eyes and her dad owns a big company. So, I guess that is good enough reasons. I still do not like it though. But when does anyone really care what I think besides some of my friends.

The phone is ringing inturupting my sad depressing thoughts. Its serenity

"hey sis. whats up?" I asked.

"JOEY! turn it to channel seven! right now" said serenity. She did not sound happy. My stomach turned as I turned the channel 7. Otogi came on the screen

"ohhhhh shit. this seems bad" I said

"Yeah! listen" said Serenity

I turn back to the screen with otogi. he was being interviewed by some girl.

"So, ryuuji! I saw that cute date of yours at the last party. Are you guys still together or was it just a one night thing?" she asked

"Ohh, well. Actually, hehe, no." said otogi

"why not. you two were cute" said the girl

"He's not really my type. he was pretty desperete to go out with me. Been bothering me for months. I took pity on him and brung him on one date. took him home and had my way. he was alright nothing to special though" said Otogi smirking into the camera as to say ' ha! fuck you jou, take that!'

there was only a one word to describe how i felt


"what a ass" said Serenity

"a ass who is going to die!" I growl. "got to go sis, luv yaz" I said hanging up the phone but not before hearing serenity telling me to kick his ass good. I rush over to the table and grab my coat and slip on my shoes and I am ready to go and kill OTOGI

................... little did I know who was at his house ...................

So, being all pissed it took me only 5 minutes to get to otogis house. He better damn well be home. I pound on the stupid radio thing infront of the gate demanding in

"hello, May i help you?" asked a voice. I press the button and scream into it demanding I talk to otogi and telling him who I am.

"I am sorry sir, but the young master is with company. you cannot see him" said the voice I am guessing the buttler

"I will climb this fence and commit bloody murder if you do not let me in" I scream into the microphone thingy.

"you do and I shall call seceruity. please remove yourself and go away" with that he seems finished. but i am sooooooo not finished.

I climb over that fence so fast it even surprises me. I didn't really think as I rushed to the mansion door and bang on it trying to open it. The door opens after furious pounding to show a old man ( i am guessing the buttler)

"sir, I demand you leave" he said

"and I demand to see Otogi. Move!" I shove him out of the way and rush into the house. "OTOGIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream. I've been to otogis house a couple times so I am guessing he is in the living room. which i found out he was in the living room as I rushed to it.

I didn't seem to notice a certain someone sitting in the chair as I was seeing only red at the moment.

"OTOGI!" I growl

"Katsuya!" he smiles

"you bastard! I cannot believe you. you are such a asshole!" I shout moving fast towards him.

"ohhh, did you see that interview?" he smirks

"fuck you! I only went because you fuckin blackmailed me!" I growl raising a fist to pound his face.

"Otogi, will you please remove this dog somewhere else. I am very busy and want to finish our meeting" said a voice I knew oh so well

I turn around and see him


my love

my dreams

my (hopefully crosses fingers) future

sitting in that seat being so beautiful

"se...kaiba? what the hell are you here for?"

2 b continued............. i know this was so short. sorry!!!! i will do another chapter late that is longer!

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